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I am so excited that you are feeling called. This is a huge deal!  After 10 years of facilitating Iboga ceremonies for thousands of people. I realized that there is one major lesson that everyone could benefit from practising whether they were planning on or had taken Iboga or not.

I am so passionate about sharing this message far and wide that I have stopped serving Iboga and hosting retreats to do just this. Actually, I did not have a choice, she (Iboga) told me to stop serving her to people in the old way of working (with a few people at a time) and open myself up as a channel to share her message to the masses. She told me I was ready and the world needs it urgently. Believe me, due to popular demand and still getting comfortable with this new way of working, I tried to find a Bwiti Iboga medicine provider that I trusted, who has integrity, someone with enough experience,  love and purity that I myself would feel good about going to and after two years of looking intently and with all my connections in the Iboga world I still don’t have one solid recommendation. This is so important because you can have a great experience with Iboga itself but if the practitioner is not pure and experienced they and the other people involved (helpers,  other guests, the energy of the location and spirits) can influence your journey and it can take you decades to untangle from their energetic imprint.   So in honouring my commitment to Iboga and being in service to nature, I offer the knowledge that is my embodied wisdom from my many experiences and from doing the work.

This course I am offering is to show you how to embody and bring to life in your daily life the #1 message that I have learned from my journey with Iboga. You can do it from your home, saving you the cost it takes to take time off work,  fly to a retreat centre that offers Iboga and pay the thousands of dollars it costs to work with a qualified practitioner with quality medicine.

So instead of paying upwards of $5000 USD and then have to integrate the experience back home with a coach or awakening integration program (9/10 people need experienced assistance integrating post Iboga) , you pay a fraction of that (over multiple payments if you like) and take the courses as you can and fit the lessons into your daily life in practices. The practices build lasting change and will continue your expansion into realizing gifts and abilities to self-heal and evolve beyond your wildest dreams.

The first course starts on May 5th, 2019 and it goes for 5 weeks.

You are required to commit an average of 1 hour per day minimum to see results in 5 weeks.  If you want to go at your own pace you can do that too. The course content is recorded and will be available to you online for 6 months after the course ends.   The cost is $555 and you can make a deposit now of $222 and the remaining balance on or by May 1st.

Enrol Now – Full payment $555 

Enrol Now – Deposit $222 

Anyone who signs up before April 1st will receive a special bonus gift.

The course is 5 weeks and includes

  • 5 weeks of being held in a high vibrational container

  • Personal feedback and guidance

  • Unique recorded meditations to ground in your practice

  • Audio recorded activations to advance your expansion

  • Fun homeplay assignments

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact and ask questions

  • 5 Modules of mind-blowing content

  • 5 weekly group meetings

You Will Discover

How to ground and self-care for the next level

How to know yourself more than you thought possible

How to remove your biggest block

How to love yourself

Your purpose

How to attract abundance

How to improve relationships 

How to have better health

How to contributing in a huge way to the planet

Practices to keep you on track


How do I access these modules?

Each week on Saturday the new module will be released

How much of a time commitment is this course?

That is really up to you! You can put in 30 minutes or 4 hours per day – it depends on how deep you want to go. There are the unique weekly practices (meditations, activations, etc.) that you can choose as much as you like.  And there are bonus practices (i.e. card readings, consciousness clearings, cellular memory transformations, etc.), particularly on the weekly Zoom call, that you can choose to participate in.

What if I can’t participate in the Zoom calls due to other commitments?

No problem – they are all recorded, and dropped into our shared drive. We do recommend listening to them either way, because the affects of any healing work done will still apply to you whether you were there live or not.

I don’t like being on my computer more than I have to be – how much ‘online presence’ is required?

Most of your practices you can do offline – so you don’t have to be on your computer all the time. Only the modules need to be read online, and the rest is either activities offline, or up to you (i.e. engagement in the private Facebook group, attendance at the Zoom calls, etc.).

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Enrol Now – Full payment $555 

Enrol Now – Deposit $222 

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