Known as the godfather and godmother of all plant medicines, the tree of knowledge and life, Iboga is possibly the most powerful plant medicine on Earth for detoxification, physical healing, psychological reset and spiritual discovery. In the tradition that surrounds Iboga it is said that this tree has been present since the day the first human was born on this earth and for that reason it is a guardian to oversee that humankind can always find it’s way back to it’s roots and truth. It heals on many levels, interrupting addictions, cleaning and reprogramming the body on a cellular level, and resetting the mind to release limiting belief systems.

The Iboga we work with is from Central West Africa. The origin of Iboga. It is medicine harvested by the efforts of a healing and protecting village that is rooted in the Bwiti shamanic tradition. Most high-quality medicine doesn’t make it out of the villages into the capital cities let alone other countries outside of CW Africa, as the value is so high and is central to the way of life of the shamans. The medicine is not only used for healings and connecting with ancestors and the spiritual realm but is a pillar in the culture and the lives of the adolescents as they transition through their right of passage from childhood into spiritual adulthood. In these deep ceremonies that last for days many children discover the truth about life and creation.

We work with the second layer of the root bark which has the highest amount of alkaloid content. Including, high amounts of Ibogaine, yet it is supported by all the other 14 or so, very beneficial alkaloids that together provide the possibility to realize very deep levels of truth and physical healing.
Iboga Love Retreats Root Bark

The journey with Iboga—the journey that goes deep into you—is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.





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