Africa Iboga Trips

Africa Trip 2018

Bwiti Iboga Gabon

August 15th- 30th

Immerse yourself into the powerful African jungle with tribes who have kept their connection to the forest in a way, unlike anything you have ever seen, let alone heard of before.  Moughenda’s Village is comprised of the Missoko Bwiti shamans and healers.  Go with Julia as your guide on these family trips as she takes you with her and her (and Moughenda’s) son, Mbembo back to the motherland to train with Moughenda. During your time there you will learn secrets of the forest, eat fresh Iboga, dance with the tribes in a traditional ceremony, learn ancient esoteric knowledge and truth and become initiated as a healer into the Missoko Bwiti tradition.

Given the intimacy of these trips, Julia requests that you come see her for a journey in Costa Rica in order to be invited to join the trip.

The trip details:

$3500 per person


Pick up/drop off at Libreville airport and 3-hour transportation to/from the village

All meals and Accommodations

Traditional Welcome Ceremony

Spiritual Shower

Physical healing (if needed)  – With a Traditional pharmacy and herbal jungle medicines

Psycho-Spiritual Journey

Full-initiation Ceremony

Traditional African dancing

Ancient Bwiti Teachings only passed on in oral tradition

Fresh Iboga root bark

Usage and Practice of Sacred Ceremonial Instruments

Iboga Teas Prepared by Village Shamans

Immersion into Sacred Tradition

The support of the entire healing and protecting village

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