Ceremonies are now being led by Julia’s top picked former students of the former Iboga centre /school she co-founded.

Julia stopped personally serving Iboga in October 2018. She now focuses her time on writing online courses for the online platform she is creating www.AfterPlant.com which is set to launch in the summer of 2019 and focuses on helping people integrate their master plant medicine journeys. Integration is a much-overlooked aspect of the plant medicine journey and for many eqaully as important as taking the medicine itself. The site After Plant is primarily based on pre and post-Iboga integration but also includes, information about other Master Plants such as Ayahuasca, Peyote and Psilocybin and some other entheogens. Julia also facilitates a group process called Cellular Alchemy and has now been invited to and facilitated groups in Costa Rica, Spain and Washington DC.

Julia left her career as an architect in Canada to follow an intuitive message that led her to learn about Iboga and the spiritual path that holds the tradition of working with Iboga. After only 3 days in Costa Rica Julia was initiated through family-style ceremony. She had a life-changing Iboga journey that connected her with her true self and her life purpose as well as she was given the opportunity to present an authentic 1000 year ancestral lineage of shamanic Iboga practices in a treatment modality that best serves the Western world. She has almost a decade of experience in working with Iboga, running a large shamanic Iboga centre for over 5 years, including spending months at a time in Gabon working and living intimately with an Iboga  Shaman in Africa and Costa Rica and assisting in training other Iboga providers worldwide.  Julia has organized and hosted over 400 Iboga ceremonies in Costa Rica. After taking a year off to open a Waldorf inspired school for her son (who is part of the lineage that carries Iboga), deepen in community and explore other awakening modalities and plant medicines as well as study with international teachers, shamans, healers on the bell curve of spiritual transformation. During that time Julia received some incredible insights on her spiritual path as a teacher/student and also some guidance on how to better provide a more culturally integrated and high vibrational Iboga program. In this newly revised program, Julia begins working with people at least a month in advance via phone/skype to better prepare for the journey which actually starts the day one commits to taking Iboga. Also, there is now a new component to help guests to better integrate post-Iboga.  Where in the past Julia and her former partner would work with hundreds of people per year Julia is now only accepting 25 clients per year so she can provide a higher level of attention and care to each one of her clients and also maintain a more balanced family life.

To inquire about setting up a treatment with Julia’s highly vetted and experienced providers please fill out the contact form here.