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Ceremonies are led by Julia Malone. Julia left her career as an architect in Canada to follow an intuitive message that lead her to learn about Iboga and the spiritual path that holds the tradition of working with Iboga. After only 3 days in Costa Rica Julia was initiated through family style ceremony. And was given the opportunity to present an authentic 1000 year ancestral lineage of shamanic Iboga practices in a treatment modality that best serves the Western world. She has over 8 years experience in working with Iboga, running a large shamanic Iboga centre for over 5 years, including spending months at a time in Gabon working and living intimately  with an Iboga  Shaman in Africa and Costa Rica and assisting in training other Iboga providers world wide.  Julia has organized and hosted over 400 Iboga ceremonies in Costa Rica. After taking a year off to open a Waldorf inspired school for her son (who is part of the lineage that carries Iboga), deepen in community and explore other awakening modalities and plant medicines as well as study with international teachers, shamans, healers on the bell curve of spiritual transformation. During that time Julia received some incredible insights on her spiritual path as a teacher/student and also some guidance on how to better provide a more culturally integrated Iboga program.

While reflecting back on several years of assisting people to awaken, Julia noticed a need for post awakening support for not only Iboganauts but also for those who have awakened with Ayahuasca, Peyote, Yo Po, Mushrooms, DMT, San Pedro, Sassafras, Kundalini awakening practices as well as, a process Julia is currently studying, called Transforming Cellular Memory. In response to her observations she birthed an improved ceremonial experience and an organization that helps people, post awakening expereince, to better integrate their newly upgraded, highly awakened self, where they can rise in a world where the majority of people are still sleeping.

To inquire about setting up a private treatment with Julia please email julia@ibogalove.com or fill out the contact form here.

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