Welcome to Iboga Love, we offer Iboga retreats in the jungles of Costa Rica to heal, detox, and awaken with the power of Iboga in a high vibrational ceremony.  Julia has been organizing ceremonies for almost a decade. Julia was fully immersed for 5 years in the indigenous tradition which carries Iboga called the Bwiti.  She was a student of her former partner who is a 10th generation Bwiti shaman from Gabon Africa.  Julia team works with Shamanic grade Iboga in it’s pure rootbark form which is consciously harvested from the roots of trees that range between 10 and 30 years old. This medicine is from deep in the jungle and  is only entrusted by the Bwiti to those providers who have been initiated into the tradition through marriage, birth (blood) and/or a series of Iboga initiations in Africa.

Iboga is a guardian of truth. You eat Iboga to see the truth about your life and the life you are living in.

Our journeys and programs are designed for people looking for spiritual truth, to awaken to higher consciousness, and step into their life’s purpose for the greatest good of themselves and humanity.

We offer private and semi-private Iboga retreats which include personal guidance with your Iboga provider to help to prepare and integrate your awakening experience with ease and grace.


As one unplugs from the matrix the truth can be uncomfortable to realize. However; pure Iboga is safe and beneficial especially when used in effective doses in a high vibrational ceremony with a grounded guide who can navigate you to face the truth. The truth will set you free.

This journey is for you if you are:

Already on a path of health and personal development.

You feel drawn to working with Iboga.

You are doing fairly well in life but you have hit a block and need assistance.

You take responsibility for everything that is happening in your life and you are ready to uplevel.

You want to bring more balance into your life and gain clarity.

You are noticing some thought patterns and habits you would like to break.

We do NOT work with chemically processed or extracted medicine which is used for treating drug, pharmaceutical, and alcohol addiction, therefore, this program is NOT for you if you are currently and regularly taking any drugs, medications and or frequent alcohol consumption.There may be an exception if you are regularly taking a drug such as birth control and for instance nicotine on a regular basis.

We do not work with anyone who has a history of heart or mental disease (history of mild to medium depression is ok).

If the above criteria resonates with you please apply to one of our retreats by clicking here.